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The teams now are off to enjoy FIFA Mobile
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It has been a very long year, full of ups and downs. Full of breaks and restarts, worry and hope. Even the Women's Bundesliga wrapped up their 2020 on Sunday with the initial games of the next round of fixtures. The teams now are off to enjoy a pleasant winter break before returning to coaching in January. Bayern Munich stay on top, five points before Wolfsburg, along with a tight title race is expected in the next half of the year. An 8-0 property loss against FC Bayern in their very last match of the season -- SC Sand are still underperforming from the Bundesliga. After 12 games Nora H?uptle's team have lost ten and won two. H?uptle is the only woman running as head trainer in the Bundesliga and surely has a significant task ahead of her unwanted dropped into a relegation spot. The group definitely has a lot of potential, but is now failing to exploit that. They want more struggle in 2021. Last year, Hoffenheim came in third, the best finish in their history. They impressed by promoting young talents to a greater level, the Bundesliga, while playing fantastic football. Ahead of this season they got a brand new head coach and it was about demonstrating where they truly stand. Could they repeat their success or was it a one time only deal? Once 12 played games this year, the answer is clear: Hoffenheim have been in third position , with won eight, drawn after and lost just 3 times. They're also the third most successful team supporting Wolfsburg and Bayern. Gabor Gallai's team underlined their amibtions by handing Turbine Potsdam, a clear competition for the third spot, a well deserved 5-0 beating on Sunday. It was just two years back that Manchester United announced their intention to reintroduce a women's football team. Their beginning at the 2018-2019 FA Women's Championship marked the club return to women's soccer following a thirteen-year lack. They promptly gained marketing that season and have been a part of their FA Women's Super League since. They have an excellent mentor in Casey Stoney and set a large announcement by earning players like Tobin Heath and Christen Press earlier this season. United is currently leading the league in England, using a total of 26 points after 10 games, and remain unbeaten. Considering other groups still have games in hand after postponements, there's plenty still to play for -- but you have to admit the immense potential this Manchester facet is bringing to the table recently. If they continue to do, they will not only be a danger in England, but in addition internationally. Want to learn more about FIFA Mobile Coins at

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