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I believe that it might work so as to EVE echoes
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When I see the industry in-game right now, the highest price is 113.0, however the individual is simply purchasing 1,025 units:--LRB- So I most probably won't market there seeing there's another individual purchasing for 110.0 per unit plus he wants 24,929 units. I naturally wish to sell for 110.0 each rather than 113.0 (due to the low purchase quantity) or 73.20 (the typical cost ). So if there's a way to demonstrate this 110.0, it'd be great. Hmm. Interesting. Thanks for being so specific. My algorithm is probably seeing a lot of the immense orders which are still down in the 70-75 range and over-indexing on these. I believe that adding in the actual"highest buy price with a massive volume" would be more useful if I could update the info frequently, but in the current rate of upgrades there is probably going to be a lot of fluctuation there. However, I've been considering weighting purchase orders more if they are for higher costs so that those large orders which are significantly more affordable than the highest ones do not bring down the price too much. So my assumption is you're now considering all previous orders' prices as a factor in your present buy field, right? Take my assumption correct. Ideally, the prices taken into account should just be those previous X time from today (e.g. only consider prices from the previous 2 times as the current buy price). Maybe this will keep the information more"new" and up-to-date as I really don't understand what mechanism there is to procedure old data. As for your proposal to weight higher-price-buy orders, I believe that it might work so as to not"dredge" the actual cost we are searching for down to a cost we definitely won't be selling the item for. How do we know how many is considered"large quantity"? Maybe there is some way to process older buy data in order to predict the customary amount of quantity a ship manufacturer desire (in my case, planetary resources is just used for boat manufacturing). This way, purchase orders with a quantity closer to the"predicted number" have a higher weight. Still, you'd want some way to weed out orders which are considered abnormal (I think there's some particular statistical rule to determine whether a datum is unnatural ). Just thinking out loud. Want to learn more about eve echoes at https://www.fastisk.com/

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